Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hobo x Now happy in his new home!!

I arrived at the BOYS field to find all of them, except George, lying down at the top of the field. All of them slowly got up to come say hello and the last one still lying down was little Hobo. We collected Hobo as an unclaimed stray, who turned up on a village green where he shouldn't have been, his name is perfect. He had been so lonely and chased about so much that he wanted nothing to do with people, up until a few weeks ago he would only have a halter on if a bucket of food was involved. Then last week with a little more work he progressed very qiuckly and let Natalie and me put on and take of a head collar without food. So today when I arrived I thought I'd sneak up and get a picture of him relaxing if I could get close enough. Not only was he happy with a picture but he let me spend several minutes scratching him and just chilling out while he lay there. A very special moment to see this pony letting humans be with him at his most vulnerable. Bless him. So here are his pictures because he is of course looking for a loan home. He's now 2 and a bit years old and around 11.1hh. Hobo is another really sweet but sensitive boy. He has just learnt to wear a headcollar and be led around a little bit. We'll be building up from this to get him more and more confident and then work on picking up his feet. He's learning quickly but needs a sensitive home to take him further. Would be a fab companion pony, he had a rough start in life and he may reflect this mentally and physically but we like to believe that they all deserve a chance to be loved and cherished and lead a happy little life.

Milo off to a new home with Courage!

Milo came back to us recently with Merry, he is a little less flighty and has been good to catch and lead but will be getting more regular foot work now that he is back with us. He is very dark but with a little mealy muzzle, he is a very handsome little chap who could do any job in the right hands.

Merry x NOW available again!!

Merry is another very very pretty pony, would make a really special little kids riding pony. He came back to us from a loan home through no fault of his own but is at the moment still feeling a little sensitive but grows in confidence every day. Merry will really thrive with someone with the time to put into him and as much as we'd miss him he is really hasn't nearly fulfilled his potential. He is in the front of the picture with Brambles peeking over in that picture when he still had his simmer coat on, he is currently gorgeous and fluffy lol!

Brambles x

Now here is one of my personal favourites, such a stunner and definitly going to prove that you don't need to shell out a fortune to get real quality pony. Hill ponies are by no means always the poorer cousins of the stud bred Darties! This is Brambles 3 and a bit years old. Around 12hh high and dark bay. He is a really handsome chappy and has a lovely nature. He is fine to be caught, led around and be handled but needs work on his feet. He is okay with his front feet but we're working to get him confident on his backs. Since moving to the main fields he is like a constant shadow to anyone who's around, he is desperate for attention and often chooses people over other ponies for company, I would just love to find a really special home for him. He would make a lovely show pony or kids riding pony. The ultimate diamond in the rough lol!

Rona x

Next is little Rona, so pretty and such a sweet gentle nature. Rona is around 3 years old and 11hh ish. She is a really sweet mare and is very gentle with people. She is often at the bottom of the pecking order but just seems to get on with things. She has mild allergies so would need someone who had experience of this and could keep an eye on her. she loses some condition in the summer due to this so needs lots of care and TLC. I think she would make a fab kids pony / companion with the right home. Maybe you are that home?

Rowan x Gone off to his new home yay!

This lovely black chap (with a couple of white hankerchiefs, incase you want to do coloured classes lol) is Rowan he's 2 and a bit years old and around 12hh high at the moment. He is really handsome chap and has a lovely mellow temperament. He can be a bit of a teenager sometimes but is very easy to pursuade! He'll make a great riding or driving pony. Needs to get better at having feet handled but very good at catching and leading. Since Hobo arrived from the main fields Rowan has become something of a protector, they can often be found together with Rowan standing guard over Hobo while he sleeps, it's very sweet to see. I guess their lookalike colours means they have formed a secret pony society lol.

Buzz x Happily gone to a new home!

...and next, another of my favourites, Buzz is a really striking little chap. Buzz is a real sweetie and LOVES attention. He is sometimes a bit "in your face" so we're working with him on creating stronger boundaries at the moment and only allowing him into our space when he's asked to. He is quite stocky but only 11hh ish. Would be ideal for kids pony, driving, farm work he is very bombproof and scared of nothing! He really needs to be doing something as he has a really active brain and loves attention and fun! Could you be Buzz's forever family?

Star x

Star came back to us from his previous home where he was a companion pony because he was very overweight. (yes this is the slim version eeek lol) He has a lovely sweet temperament and would make a fab riding / driving pony (quite strong build,) but needs to be doing some kind of work to keep his weight controlled. He is a lovely pony and get's on particularly well with Buzz. He is sweet ans sensitive but very friendly and cuddly and at the moment is looking like a gorgeous cuddly big walrus lol! My daughter Mina particularly loves Star and he is happy to stand and be stroked for ages. We would be so happy to see him go to a new home where he would get all the love and attention he needs.

Tiny Tim x

Tiny Tim is a real sweetie and as his name suggests, one of our smallest residents he's 2 and a bit years old and around 10hh. Tiny is a real sweetie and great at catching, handling and leading. Needs more foot work - should be getting better soon when we do more work on this! Would make a sweet little childs pony or small driving pony. Needs more confidence building with small children as he's still a little unsure about all the running about that they do lol!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tinker x in his new home with Buzz.

Tinker is currently at loan home in Bridford but coming back due to lack of time to bring him on. Ready to be brought on to ride or drive. Lovely handsome cheeky chappy! Tinker turned 4 this year and is about 12hh.

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